Searching for Dick at the Edmonton Fringe Aug. 13-23!

Searching for Dick: A Paranormal Comedy is back…(and back to its original title!)

“It’s laugh-out-loud funny, with tender moments too. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, Travis will get you laughing about, and reflecting on, life, death and the connections in between.” ★★★★– CBC Manitoba (Read the full review here)

After magical runs at FemFest and The Marigny Theatre in New Orleans, and most recently, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, the show has evolved, grown, and blossomed. Now we’re ready to share this bizarre and beautiful theatre baby with the Edmonton Fringe Festival.
Spread the word among your friends and family! Here’s the lowdown!Searching_Tara Travis_Cover Shot

BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Tara becomes engaged to an amazing man named Jim. There’s sadness around this otherwise exciting event, however, as she has never met his parents, Louisa and Dick (both deceased). One day, Tara’s younger sister Chay seeks out a psychic medium for career advice…which she never receives. Instead, she finds herself in an intense conversation with the spirit of Jim’s mom, Louisa, who offers up some surprising insights. After hearing the recording of the session, Tara plunges into a journey where she visits every psychic medium she can find in the hopes of meeting her in-laws and gaining their approval before the wedding. Through a series of bizarre and life-altering experiences, she receives shocking messages from Louisa (including her long-lost famous brownie recipe) and meets a host of unexpected family members…but the clock is ticking and the search is still on for Dick.

Witness verbatim reenactments of actual psychic readings, experience puppetry from the afterlife, and taste delicious fresh-baked brownies (recipe courtesy of the spirit world). Yes, Tara bakes brownies during the show, and you get to eat them.

Searching for Dick: A Paranormal Comedy
At The 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Festival August 15-25, 2015
Venue 10: Acacia Hall, 10433 – 83rd Ave Tickets $13/11
Aug 14, 8:30pm, Aug 17, 4:30pm, Aug 19, 12:15pm, Aug 21, 2:15pm, Aug 22, 11:00pm, Aug 23, 6:00pm


The Unfortunate Ruth in progress! Staged Reading June 3, 7:30PM

The incredible folks at PTC have supported, buoyed, encouraged, and fertilized Tara’s crazy ideas, and they are now officially something closely resembling a play!

The Unfortunate Ruth_Projections by Mind of a Snail

The Unfortunate Ruth: Shadow Puppetry Projections by Mind of a Snail

Come to Playwrights Theatre Centre’s Test Kitchen June 3 @ 7:30PM and witness a staged reading of The Unfortunate Ruth in its fragile youth. The reading will be accompanied by roughly edited samples of shadow puppetry projections by the brilliant Mind of a Snail. Stay for a talkback and offer your ideas as the Sticky Fingers take this play into its final stages of development before it premieres at The Vancouver Fringe Festival September 4-14, 2014.

About the play: Identical twins Ruth and Ruthie share an undeniable psychic connection…but only one of them was actually born. From the company that brought you last year’s runaway hit Herewithal: A Paranormal Comedy comes this exploration of parallel universes full of heart and humour. Oh, and shadow puppets.


Tara Travis Declared Winner of PTC’s Fringe New Play Prize!

F10th01We’re thrilled to announce that Tara’s new original script, The Unfortunate Ruth, is set to premiere at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September of 2014, thanks to the support of PTC- Playwright’s Theatre Centre.

There’s not much we can say without giving it all away, but we promise you two things: 1) It is a very weird play, and 2) there will be puppets.

We are so grateful to everyone at PTC, and honoured to have been chosen.

The Unfortunate Ruth will feature Tara Travis, and be directed by Jim Travis.